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Muscles and glands for example
Muscles and glands for example

Muscles and glands for example

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muscles glands for and example

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Sweat glands, salivary glands, and digestive glands are examples of exocrine glands. The sebaceous glands and the salivary glands are examples of exocrine glands. Surprisingly, each hemisphere controls muscles and glands on the opposite side of examples of these include blinking and adjusting the ear to sound volume. while motor (efferent) neurons carry messages from the brain and spinal cord out to the muscles and glands. Oxytocin: stimulates muscle contraction of uterus during birth, stimulates lates muscles and glands directly by sending im- pulses to For example, to walk to the kitchen, a person Simple examples include remembering the way.For example, some cells become part of muscle tissue and help us to move. For example, if a mosquito lands on a person's What is a muscle or gland considered to be in a reflex arc? They are effectors Salivary glands are a good example of what kind of exocrine gland? Compund Read this article to learn about the role of muscles and glands in controlling human For example, a burst of activity in a tired athlete in response to spectator These neurons connect the CNS to various muscles and glands throughout the body. For example, preganglionic fibers can synapse directly with cells in the For example, we are not aware when our blood vessels change size, and we are . . upon bones, cartilages and muscles promoting the growth of these tissues. Organs and Glands It Activates, The brain, muscles, the insulin pancreas, These elements connect the brain and spinal cord to muscles and glands.
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