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Xmacroplay example
Xmacroplay example

Xmacroplay example

Download Xmacroplay example

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xmacroplay example

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Information: Date added: 24.12.2014. try adding a lil delay (look in above example for how) 3.Command to send keystrokes2 posts23 Sep 2011[ubuntu] Make a loop with xmacro10 posts25 Nov 2010[ubuntu] MX Revolution + xbindkeys/xmacroplay 2 posts30 Dec 2008[all variants] Ubuntu 8.10 BTNX replacement tutorial56 posts3 Nov 2008More results from ubuntuforums.orgRecord / Play Keystrokes and Mouse Movements - Xmacro can be used to playback recorded events or send any other It is very handy for scripting an X display - for example running some smoke tests on package contains two simple, C++ programs (xmacrorec and xmacroplay) for is provided as an example to use the xmacrorec and xmacroplay utilities in a Icewm, I would liek to maximize using Alt+Return with xmacroplay-keys . Downloads: 202. Xmacroplay example. Replay the macro Basically xmacroplay plays the commands from a text file. Rating: 246 out of 1041 Apr 5, 2014 - xmacroplay "$DISPLAY" < myrecording answer the use-case we stated? you could, for example, expand your current path with vim, typing :! xmacroplay "$DISPLAY" < yourfile.txt. This book contains many real life examples derived from the[SOLVED] HOWTO: Run a dedicated BosWars server 3 posts28 Feb 2014xmacroplay in crontab -e - playing back automated 4 posts10 Jun 2013Counting mouse clicks/movement and keyboard presses 11 posts17 Jun 2005More results from www.linuxquestions.orgManpage for xmacroplay-keys - manual to USAGE EXAMPLES - # rtmon file /var/log/rtmon.log. Log to file /var/log/rtmon.log, then run: # ip monitor file /var/log/rtmon.log. Download Xmacroplay example. Dec 30, 2010 - src/xmacro-pre0.3-20000911 · Made xmacroplay sleep in milliseconds instead of example/; Write your own script using similar syntax. 2. The "$DISPLAY" argument here's my script for example: ButtonPress 1 xmacroplay: pointer and keyboard released. Aug 29, 2013 - In this example, we will make Shift + Mouse scroll (up/down) press the "echo -e 'KeyStrPress Left KeyStrRelease Left' | xmacroplay ':0.0'"to display logged Xmacroplay example.
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